About us

After having held several exciting technical and compliance monitoring, safety and security management positions within helicopter and fixed wing operators with line and base maintenance facilities and within the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities for over 27 years, Erwin Schilder decided to make his expertise and network available to the wider aviation industry and authorities by establishing Qonsult Aero, based in the Netherlands.

Qonsult Aero has vast in-house knowledge and experience regarding:

  • EASA Part-145, Part-CAMO, Part-ORO
  • Approved Maintenance Organisations, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations, Airlines, Aircraft Ground Handling Providers, Aviation Authorities
  • Compliance Monitoring Management Systems, Safety Management Systems and Security Management Systems
  • Procedure and organisation manuals and expositions; set-up, establishment and maintenance.

Where this is considered beneficial for the customer and in consultation with the customer, the services may be provided by experts from Qonsult Aero’s wide network, thereby significantly expanding the possible scope of these services. Do not hesitate to contact us with whatever issue you may have; we will endeavour to find the best specialist, in-house or externally. If we would be unable to match your requirements with experts that are both sufficiently qualified and available to meet your requirements we will let you know promptly, no strings attached.